Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kovu Home Page

This is the home page of Kovu, the world's largest network, rivaling Yahoo. We have just started a couple of days ago, so you won't see much until like a week. Kovu is the new, rechristened name of GB Jewels, our former company firm we worked on. GB Jewels was successful, so we decided to take it one step up. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting, Kovu!

Kovu is offering millions of available jobs. See eligibility requirements.

Also, high paying jobs in all areas such as telecommunications, information technology, sales industry, and Google "check" Industry are available.

For example, the current CEO is earning $199,000 monthly. WOW!

And, a DBA is earning $80,000 monthly. Isn't that amazing and dazzling?

Thank you.