Saturday, August 8, 2009

We MUST BUY Microsoft

We must buy Microsoft. We have offered 62.5 billion dollars, but Mr. Gates has extended payment to $170.9 billion dollars

Friday, August 7, 2009

Latest Doomsday Microsoft


1. Begin by disembarking Microsoft's 85 thousand employees. Recruit them to Kovu or Apple for higher paying jobs.
2. When the number of Microsoft employees is at a 0-40 level, make it directly the managers as your target.

3. When Microsoft is at a 0-15 level, make the supervisors as your target.
4. When Microsoft is at a 0-5 level, make the executives as your target and destroy Microsoft immediately.

"doomsday" apple plans come soon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Do you think we should buy the company Panasonic for $82 billion? We might have to layoff some people. How about Microsoft? Apple? IBM? EDS? HP?

Company Name Value to Buy Main Source
Panasonic $82 billion electronics
Microsoft $60.42 billion software
Apple $32.48 billion electronic/software
IBM $103.6 billion software
EDS/HP $168.9 billion data

All that totals to about $447,408,938,000.00 or 447.4 billion dollars.

If Kovu buys all those companies, then, people, Kovu rules the technology part of the world!

But we are:

Revenue (UP) $946,439
Operating Income (DOWN) $1,929
Net Income (UP) $84,498
total assets (UP) $89,082,000
total equity (UP) $928,000

Total employees (UP) : 149 (2008)
180 (2009)
estimated 218 (2010)
289 (2011)
638 (2012)
1,283 (2013)

Well thats our estimations. Bye!